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Thank you for attending the 5th Annual Texas Regional Stormwater Conference!


All presentations from the 2023 conference are provided below in downloadable PDF format. To open the presentation, click the PDF icon. The presentation will open in another window, and will allow you to view and/or save the presentation from that screen.

Certificates of attendance have been sent via email. If you attended the conference and did not receive a certificate of attendance,

please contact us. Thank you!

Now I Have to Clean This? The Post of Post Construction BMPs
Liz Stone & Michelle Troy // Quiddity Engineering

It Ain't Raining: Effective Strategies to Avoid Communication Breakdowns
Matt Klaser // 
POWER Engineers, Inc.

Pease Park Water Quality Retrofit Design and Construction
Brandon Klenzendorf // Geosyntec Consultants

The Lorence Creek Research Project for Assessing Water Quality Improvement via a Retrofit Low Impact Development
Debbie Reid // Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance

Renewal of Construction General Permit (CGP) TXR150000
Kelsey Krueger // Geosyntec

Evaluation of BMPs for Stormwater Management in Indiana - Lessons Learnt
Md Mamunur Rashid // Omega Engineering

Containment and Prevention Strategies for Non-Stormwater Runoff
David Peyton and Jerad Laxson // Travis County TNR

GIS and Stormwater Management
Gene Sipes // 
City of San Marcos

Considerations of Stormwater Quality for Design and Ongoing Maintenance
Nicholas Schultz // Stormwater Professionals Group

How to Effectively Monitor and Maintain Stormwater Wet Ponds and Wetlands
Bob Quinlan // Travis County TNR

People and Purpose: An Overview of the MS4 Program and Compliance Inspection Procedure in Frisco, TX
Nicolas Crozier // City of Frisco

Urban Geologic Karst feature Water Quality Evaluation and Mitigation
Olivia Bramlet // Geosyntec Consultants

Investigations for Non-Stormwater Discharge: Regulatory Requirements and Evaluation plans
Jimmy Greene // POWER Engineers, Inc.

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